Scientific Work / Questions


For a broad view of how AIPPI's scientific work fits into its general aim, see the website of AIPPI International at .

The most visible part of AIPPI's scientific work are its so-called "questions". AIPPI studies legal issues which are of interest to its members, usually with the ultimate goal to find potential for harmonizing IP law worldwide.

The Programme Committee and the Reporter General set up the questions and the related questionnaires, which are then issued to the national groups. Questions are numbered, and the true insider will casually  refer to them as such, e.g. "Q192".

For an overview of what currently happens regarding questions within AIPPI Switzerland, see the Questions Overview.

For a list of past and current "Q's" on an international level, see (Questions/Committees). The national reports as well as the overviews are a truly great source of invaluable information. If ever you need brief and reliable information about how the law and court practice might look like in a different country, all over the world, have a look!

The Role of AIPPI's National Groups

The national groups form Working Groups among their members. The national Working Groups compile the available material within their jurisdiction, including the relevant law, the court practice, their practical experiences, and their suggestions for improvements of the current situation. The reports of the AIPPI national Working Groups on the questions are discussed during the yearly Executive Committee's meeting and passed as Resolutions. Over 700 Resolutions have been passed by AIPPI. By those Resolutions AIPPI has had a major influence on the development of International Intellectual Property Law.

AIPPI's Resolutions are published in English, French and German and supplied to WIPO, WTO and national patent and trade mark offices around the world.

See our Paper on Working Guidelines.